It may seem like one day the alarm goes off in the morning and we pop out of bed with no moans and groans and the next day it seems a lot more difficult.  Like someone flipped a switch and things became a little more sore, a little slower to heal and you just became a little slower in general.  Does this sound like you?  Do you find yourself saying, ”Man! As soon as I hit 50 it was all downhill!”  Well, that may be a little dramatic but for a lot of us, hitting 50 marked the beginning of a whole new set of aches and pains that we never noticed before.  Some aches and pains are very normal and are nothing to be concerned about such as some minor neck and back pain when you wake up in the morning or stiffness after a long drive or from sitting in a hard wooden chair. These pains happen to all of us, unfortunately they are just a bit more noticeable as we age.  You probably won’t be able to rid yourself of them completely but working on having better posture and participating in some form of daily exercise may help lessen some of the aches you feel by strengthening your core and other muscles.aches-and-pains-2

Besides the normal aches and pains mentioned above, turning 50 is a time to be on the look out for more serious illnesses.  Going to the doctor for all of your yearly screenings is so important as we age.  Ater we turn 50 women are more at risk for breast cancer and men for prostate or bladder cancer.  If you feel like anything is out of the ordinary in any way, do not hesitate to contact your physician to get a check up.  Many illnesses are preventable or curable with early detection and diagnosis.

As always, in so many of these blogs we always come back to proper diet and exercise.  Both are so important to aging healthfully as well as pain and disease free.  You can imagine that having 20 to 30 or more extra pounds to carry around could certainly put added strain on joints and muscles…muscles like the heart….another thing to watch out for after 50.  And a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to pain and illness as well which is why it is so important to get moving.  Many people tend to want to take it easy as they age but why not step it up and stay as youthful as possible for as long as possible?!  You can fight the signs of aging by staying active, keeping your mind active and sharp (think reading a good book or doing the crossword puzzle) and taking care of yourself.  You may still grunt and groan in the morning when you get out of bed but it’ll be because you want an extra hour of sleep and not because it hurts too much to get up!

Check out these links for tips on health issues to look out for for both men and women after the age of 50:

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