Senior Care in Willingboro NJ: What Warning Signs Might Mean Alzheimer's Disease?

Senior Care in Willingboro NJ: What Warning Signs Might Mean Alzheimer’s Disease?

Understanding the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease can make a tremendous difference for your senior in terms of getting her an earlier diagnosis. There are a variety of different symptoms that might apply, but these are some of the most common ones.

Problems Are More and More Difficult to Solve

Because of the cognitive disruption that Alzheimer’s disease creates, even simple problems are too complex for a patient to solve any longer. This might mean that you need to break up complicated tasks into smaller groups or take recipes down to individual steps. This is also where paying bills and dealing with her own budget can become too much for your senior.

Tasks Are More Complex

As cognitive ability lessens, your aging adult may be having more trouble with normal tasks that she’s always been able to handle. Housekeeping and personal care may fall by the wayside because they’re too complicated. Bringing in senior care providers to handle some of these tasks can help quite a bit.

Memory Loss Is Disrupting to Daily Life

Everyone has a bit of a memory glitch now and again. But when your senior’s memory issues are affecting her on a daily basis, that is a sign that there is more going on. This type of memory issue can lead to repetitive tasks or repetitive questions that your senior genuinely does not remember performing just minutes before.

Time Gets Lost

Having difficulty with time is not something that’s unheard of for many people of all ages. When it’s connected with Alzheimer’s disease, however, your aging adult is likely having trouble with time every single day rather than once in a while. Mixing up day and night or not knowing what year it is are the types of time issues that you’ll see.

Judgment Suffers

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, judgment becomes much less reliable for your aging adult. This might mean that she’s driving during conditions that are simply not safe for her or that she’s making other troubling decisions. Poor judgment can significantly impact your senior’s safety so it should not be brushed aside.

These are simply examples. If you or your aging adult are concerned about the possibility of her having Alzheimer’s disease, be sure to talk with her doctor about testing.

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