Home Care Services in Voorhees NJ: Five Things Seniors Wish Didn’t Change When Getting Older

Getting old isn’t always easy. Tasks that were once simple to complete can seem impossible. Here are five things seniors wish didn’t change as they age.

Sleep Patterns Shift

Physical changes are not the only issue seniors face. Sleep patterns also shift. Seniors may struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. They might find themselves getting ready for bed earlier in the evening and waking up long before the sunrise.

Reaction Times Slow Down

Not every senior will find reaction times changing, but some do. When driving a car, reaction times are essential to prevent a crash. Senior drivers who struggle to react quickly enough may find allowing extra space helps. Driving on less busy roads is another way to help. If medications are to blame, which is possible, talk to your mom or dad’s doctor to see if there’s another medication available.

Medications Can Be Trial and Error

You’d expect that once you’ve taken a medication for months or years, you’ll know how your body reacts. Seniors can find that medications they’ve been taking no longer work or cause new side effects. Antihistamines used for allergies often cause vision issues and dry mouth in seniors. Anti-anxiety medications can make seniors more likely to lose their balance and fall.

Foods May Not Taste the Same

Changes to the number of taste buds and sense of smell impact hunger. With fewer taste buds and a changing sense of smell, foods can taste different. Your mom or dad may have loved lamb stew and suddenly find it unpleasant. You may need to experiment to see what foods your parents no longer like.

Age Starts Impacting Abilities

Arthritis is common in the elderly. The painful and swollen joints can also make it hard to complete tasks that were once so easy. You mom may no longer be able to button her shirt. Your dad may struggle to turn a screwdriver. They may struggle to carry laundry baskets around the house. Scrubbing the bathtub may be hard on the back.

These changes do not have to impact your parents’ daily routines. With home care services, they can have help with housework and laundry. A caregiver can wash, dry, and fold clothing and linens. Caregivers can also help your parents get dressed, brush their teeth, and style their hair. Learn more about the benefits of home care with a phone call to our agency today.

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