Elderly Care in Willingboro NJ: What Are Some of the Biggest Signs that Your Loved One Is Having Trouble Driving?

Elderly Care in Willingboro NJ: What Are Some of the Biggest Signs that Your Loved One Is Having Trouble Driving?

You might suspect that your loved one is having difficulty driving, but do you know what to watch for when she’s behind the wheel? These are some of the bigger signs that your loved one maybe shouldn’t be behind the wheel for very much longer.

She’s in More than One Lane at Once

Straddling lanes or drifting into other lanes while driving is a sign that your loved one doesn’t have her vehicle under control. It’s also extremely dangerous and can create serious issues for other drivers who are sharing the roadway with your loved one.

She’s Not Paying Attention to Traffic Signs and Signals

Stop signs, traffic signals, and all other traffic signs are not something to be ignored. If your loved one doesn’t see them or isn’t paying attention to them, she could find herself in an accident or with a collection of tickets.

She Stops Suddenly or without a Reason

Many elderly loved ones drive slowly, stop with no reason to do so, or stop much more rapidly than they should. This can be a hazard for other drivers, but also for your loved one. Passengers might not enjoy this adventure much, either.

She Doesn’t Seem to See Other Traffic

Whether the other traffic around your loved one is pedestrian traffic or other vehicles, it’s essential that she’s aware of her surroundings. Being unaware of her surroundings and the other people occupying those areas could mean that she runs into, or even worse runs over, those fellow travelers.

She’s Nervous When She’s Driving but Still Doesn’t Want to Stop

Driving can make your loved one extremely nervous. That’s a bad sign because nervous drivers tend to make very bad decisions behind the wheel. Your loved one might believe that she’s being an extra careful driver, but that’s not how it translates to other drivers who are sharing the road with her.

Make sure that you offer your loved one an alternative form of transportation. That might be you driving her wherever she needs to go or even hiring elderly care providers to drive for her.

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