Elderly Care in Washington Township NJ: Bird Migration Season for Elderly Birdwatchers

Elderly Care in Washington Township NJ: Bird Migration Season for Elderly Birdwatchers

Are your elderly parents into birdwatching? Or are they feeling a little bored and looking for a new hobby? Birdwatching is ideal for seniors because it gets them outside, teaches them more about nature and the environment and keeps their minds sharp and their bodies more fit. There’s no better time to go birdwatching than in the autumn months.

If you are a family caregiver with an elderly birdwatching parent or relative, you can watch them enjoy the fall season by helping them with this satisfying hobby.

Fall is Bird Migration Season

No matter what, birdwatching is at its best in the fall season for many reasons, including the fact that it is bird migration season. For birdwatching beginners, it’s a rewarding time of year to see numerous species without having to look too hard. For more advanced birders, they are rewarded with quality and quantity of birds.

Many bird species migrate during the fall, so it’s an amazing time for birdwatchers to check out birds they might not normally see in their area. If you live in or near a migration corridor, your elderly parents have the best chance of seeing numerous species in large concentrations. A migration corridor is a predicable flight path than many bird species follow year after year. Many birdwatching groups organize watch parties or outings during this time of year to check out what species are visiting. Depending on your elderly parent’s abilities and the type of outing it is, they may be interested in participating with other birdwatchers.

Birds in the Backyard

If your elderly parent is not able to get out and about but still wants to enjoy their feathered friends, it’s definitely possible to create a bird migration station in the backyard. All that you need is several birdfeeders with different contents to attract various species of birds. They can be hung in trees or on poles, posts and fences. It’s also a good idea to provide some water in the form of a birdbath for the birds as they will be looking for places to rest and rejuvenate. Any bushes and trees that have berries or fruits on them should be left alone as they are very enticing to travelling birds.

As far as your elderly parent goes, all they need are some binoculars and perhaps a birding book of species for the area. Make sure they have a good view of the bird feeders from a comfortable chair near the window or on the back porch. Birdwatching is ever changing, because different birds feed and forage at different times of the day. Your elderly parent will be able to enjoy their hobby from the comfort of home with your help.

While autumn is one of the best times for birdwatching, you and your elderly parent can continue to provide birds with food, shelter and water all year long. Many species don’t migrate and stay put, so your home could quickly emerge as a popular spot for local birds. Birdwatching is a wonderful way for your aging parent to spend their free time and it’s not as demanding on you as some other elderly care duties. For an enduring hobby and fun bonding activity, start birdwatching with your elderly parents.


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