Elderly Care in Medford NJ

Elderly Care in Medford NJEvery elderly loved one starts out at a different level of physical ability. Some may have spent years running, for example, while others got all of their physical activity from a job that they enjoyed. No matter where your loved one is starting out or what her current activity level is, you can help her to get the right amount of exercise.

Keep up with Her Doctor’s Appointments

The most important part of keeping your elderly loved one physically active is to make sure that she’s keeping up with her doctor’s appointments. This allows your loved one’s doctor to look at her progress and her current health levels and ensure that your loved one is able to maintain her exercise plan.

Taking Advantage of a Gym and Exercise Classes

For some elderly loved ones, especially those in good health and who have been active for many years, a gym and the exercise classes in the gym can be the best tool. There are a variety of different types of machines at the gym and your loved one may enjoy trying out different classes to help her maintain her interest in exercising.

Using a Treadmill or Other Equipment at Home

Other elderly loved ones may not find the gym to be the right place for them to stay physically active. Either your loved one might have fluctuating energy levels that make attendance at a gym unpredictable or she simply doesn’t need access to that much variety. In that case, it’s possible that having a treadmill or even small weights at home is the answer. Your loved one also doesn’t have to worry about leaving home to work out.

Trying Exercise Videos and Shows

If treadmills and other equipment aren’t your loved one’s speed, she may find that she gets what she needs from exercise videos or shows. Many of these are geared toward senior citizens, which means that your loved one may find exactly the amount of movement that she needs in order to get some exercise without overdoing it.

Your loved one’s elderly care providers can help your loved one to stay on track with her exercise plan, no matter which level she’s at.

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