Elderly Care in Cinnaminson NJ: How Did You Get to Be the Primary Family Caregiver, Anyway?

Elderly Care in Cinnaminson NJ: How Did You Get to Be the Primary Family Caregiver, Anyway?

All too often family caregivers wake up one day and realize that they’re responsible for a lot more than they realized or than they signed up to do. But how does that happen?

Proximity to Your Aging Adult

For many primary caregivers, you’re right there with your elderly family member. You might live near her while other family members don’t or you might actually live in the same home. What happens at first is that you’re the person who is most convenient to the situation with your aging adult and therefore you can put eyes on what is happening. Often this rapidly translates to being the main caregiver.

Time Available Compared to Other Family Members

Perhaps you have quite a bit of time at your disposal right now. You may have lost your job or you’re in a situation that allows you quite a bit of free time. When other family members don’t have that luxury, it’s natural for them to ask you to check on your senior and make sure that all is well. After a period of time, however, your responsibilities with your elderly family member may have grown, while your disposable time shrank.

You’re Able to Do What Needs Doing

Caregiving is hard work. It’s extremely taxing emotionally as well as mentally. Some family members are just not able to make those difficult decisions, even with guidance in the form of written instructions from your aging adult. If you’re able to do those things that need doing, however, that can earn you the spot as the primary family caregiver.

Look into How You Can Find Support

Not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver for long. You may meet all of the criteria listed above and yet still struggle with these duties. Find ways to access support, whether that is contacting agencies for the aging in your area or hiring elderly care providers to pick up some of the slack. You might want to consider also talking to your other family members about someone else stepping up to the primary spot if you’re having trouble.

Being the primary family caregiver may be something that you’re able to do now, but perhaps not in the future. It’s important to figure out now how long you’ll be able to commit to the role.

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