Elder Care in Cinnaminson NJ: Tips for Supporting Your Parent’s Health During Their Cancer Journey

One of the first decisions a person makes after they receive a diagnosis of cancer is how they will approach their fight with this disease. For many people, this means making a treatment decision along with their medical team. Though aggressive treatment options are available and offered to elderly patients, many older adults choose not to seek treatment for their cancer due to their age and other health consideration. Whether your parent has decided to seek out treatment or not, as their family caregiver, it is important for you to help support their health and physical well-being throughout the entirety of their cancer journey. This will help them to have the highest quality of life possible and continue to find as much meaning as they can in their later years.

Use these tips to help you support your parent’s health during their cancer journey:

  • Make sure that they understand any medications that they are taking, how they should take them appropriately, and any side effects they might experience from them. This can help them to understand what to expect when taking these medications and when to know that they might need to discuss them with their doctor.
  • Encourage your aging parent to remain compliant with all medications, treatments, and other guidelines that they get from their doctor. This means following instructions, taking their medications how and when they are supposed to, and maintaining the activity level that the doctor recommends.
  • Help your parent to eat a healthy and balanced diet that will give their body what it needs to thrive. Talk to their doctor about the foods that are best for them and which ones they may need to avoid. Work with your parent to find recipes that are appealing to them while also adhering to restrictions and guidelines given by their doctor.
  • Talk to the doctor about ways that your parents can manage side effects of medications and other symptoms of their disease in ways that are beneficial and personalized to them as an individual. This might include alternative forms of therapy or lifestyle changes.
  • Find ways for your parent to stay physically active on a regular basis. Look for forms of exercise and activity that you can enjoy together and use them as a way to spend more quality time together, as well as to keep their body active and engaged.

If you have been looking for ways to enhance your aging parent’s life and help them to live the lifestyle that they desire, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting elder care for them. An elderly home care services provider can give your parent a set of highly personalized services tailored specifically to their individual needs, challenges, and limitations. These services will help your parent to manage these needs while also encouraging them to stay as independent, active, and fulfilled as possible as they age in place. As their family caregiver this can give you a tremendous peace of mind knowing that both when you are with your parent and when you are not, they are getting the highest quality of care. This can ease your stress and enable you to focus your energy and attention in ways that are more efficient and beneficial.

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