Senior Care in Voorhees NJ: Is Pulmonary Rehabilitation Right for your Parent?

Senior Care in Voorhees NJ: Is Pulmonary Rehabilitation Right for your Parent?

According to the Lung Foundation, pulmonary rehabilitation is one of the most effective interventions for people living with chronic lung disease. In essence, it will help your parent’s lungs function as best they can in their present state—reducing their symptoms and improving their quality of life.

If your parent suffers from COPD and they have not received a prescription for pulmonary rehab, find out why. One of your most important roles as a family caregiver is that of an advocate for your parent’s medical care. Pulmonary rehab is often recommended for people with COPD or other chronic lung conditions that are unable to perform the daily activities of living due to shortness of breath.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Defined

This type of therapy includes many services, some of which are the following:

  • Exercise. In pulmonary rehab, therapists often concentrate on exercises that strengthen both the lower and upper body. These may include workouts on a treadmill and resistance training. Other exercises will be designed to increase the strength of the muscles used for breathing.
  • Diet. Your parent will be educated in the best-food choices. These will include COPD-friendly foods that help improve blood oxygen levels. According to the Lung Institute, the top five foods that support the body’s oxygen levels are shrimp, oranges, nettle, apples and almond milk.
  • Emotional Support. Spending time with others who are going through the same challenges that you are facing provides a sense of camaraderie. Group dynamics can be motivating and affirming.
  • Stop Smoking. Though smoking is considered one of the most difficult habits to break, it is most often the cause of your parent’s lung disease. Stopping is crucial to creating the highest quality of life possible. Rehab often provides strategies for breaking the habit.
  • Relaxation and Strategies. Struggling to breathe can produce anxiety. Relaxation techniques and strategies for coping with decreased lung function can produce greater awareness and confidence.

Nearly all people who go through a pulmonary rehabilitation program report feeling better. This includes the ability to breathe better, less shortness of breath, more energy and more knowledge which leads to greater control.

Senior Care Provider

A senior care provider can assist your parent with the everyday activities of living. They have cared for countless seniors who have faced COPD and other chronic lung diseases and understand their challenges. They can prepare lung-healthy meals, accompany your parent on walks, run errands, provide transportation and compassionate support.


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